Silicon Valley – once the envy of the world, which was built by white Americans is disintegrating.

22 years of H-1B invasion from India + China is destroying America’s once-economic engine.

Millions of job-stealing workers from India didn’t keep Silicon Valley + CA going as promised. In fact, CA is now an “economic wasteland” dying from 3rd world looter invasion.

People are fleeing CA by the millions.

Anyone who wants to continue arguing that importing millions of these people to displace Americans is good for us, has zero cred.

The verdict is in: H-1B is a massive fail on America.

Oracle, HP, Tesla, Larry Ellison, and Elon Musk have all fled CA – mainly for TX – which is a white-dominant state. TX hasn’t been trashed by H-1B yet – but it will be soon.

Silicon Valley was white-dominant 20 years ago. And the 1990’s saw the biggest economic boom in American history.

Not anymore.

Millions of imported Indian workers who love to defame Americans did not perform as promised.

Where is Mr. Azim Premji and his “America does not have the talent” now?

How much longer will America allow the H-1B fraud program to continue?

How much longer will Americans put up with the destruction of their economy at the hands of parasite, thieving India?

Indian news media is now falling all over itself to explain away it’s failure to help America as promised.

No mention of the fact that nearly every company created in Silicon Valley 1970-2000 was created by white American men.

Indians love to take credit for others’ work.

Why didn’t Indians on H-1B create new companies and do all the innovation they’ve been promising for decades?

Of course now the Indian media is trying to explain it away….

“Silicon Valley’s obituary has been written prematurely before; boom-and-bust cycles have defined the region’s economy for decades. In the early 1970s, cuts in military spending led to layoffs at large California companies, and venture capital funding dried up. While the state’s semiconductor industry struggled to compete with Japanese electronics businesses in the early 1980s, that era also saw the arrival of the personal computer market and the emergence of consumer-facing tech superstars likelike Apple and Atari”.

Apple + Atari of course were created by white American men – as were most big Silicon Valley companies.

“The outlook clouded in the early 1990s, as the Cold War ended, the desktop computer market plateaued and the United States spiraled into recession. Then, the commercialization of the internet set off a Valley boom greater than any before it, turning companies like Netscape, Yahoo and eBay into household names. In 2001, the dot-com bust turned the Valley into a dejected landscape of empty cubicles and pink-slip parties”.

Actually the valley died in 2002 – the year after the H-1B visa caps were increased in 1998 + 2000. Millions of Indians poured into the valley in 2001. Collapse began immediately. The “dot-com” bust was caused by offshoring, the removal of jobs from Silicon Valley to India, and the displacement of the American tech workers who created the valley.

We were there, we know.

The American creators who made the 1990’s happen were driven out. India didn’t perform as promised. Most white-Apple revived the valley in 2007 with the iPhone, but then again, that’s another white American invention. Indians didn’t begin to invade Apple until after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. Now the valley is dying again. And it’s not due to wildfire smoke – it’s due to “highly skilled + talented” Indians not innovating the way they promised to.

The fact is, white Americans create all this greatness, Indians moved in to take credit for it. It’s how failed India rolls.

13 years of iPhone is about all Silicon Valley can coast on. And now that white Americans have once again been driven out, who will revive the valley this time?

Not the millions of Indians there now occupying tech jobs created by white Americans.

There has been zero innovation since around the time Indians invaded Apple – around 2011-2012.

Where is the highly skilled + talented Indian innovation?

Indian parasites aren’t performing as promised.

It only took Apple 7 years to create iPhone. What has Apple innovated since then with all the Indian workers that have flooded it?

Who built Apple? Not Indians. Not H-1Bs. Indians merely moved in and took

over to take credit for other peoples’ work – so that they don’t look like the

losers that they are. India’s con that immigrants moved in and built Silicon

Valley is simply a lie.

Apple – America’s crown jewel created by white people is now occupied

by lazy wanna-be failed losers from India + China. No wonder Silicon Valley

is dying, They’re too busy eating pizza instead of working.

America drove Silicon Valley’s white creators out, and now it is dying.

The verdict is in: H-1B has been a disaster for CA and for America.

Here comes the coverup:

“These trends point to an important lesson for those concerned about where and how tech grows. Migrating tech moguls may complain about government weighing them down, but Silicon Valley blossomed in the first place thanks in large part to huge government investments in higher education and research, as well as immigration policies that encouraged people to come here to study, work, raise families and build American lives”.

No it didn’t. Silicon Valley was created by hippie college dropouts. Except for DARPA and the ARPANET in the 60’s, gov’t had very little to do with it. In fact, if you look at Silicon Valley’s history, Apple was mostly the prime driver on most new tech. And until 2013 or so, Apple was mostly white Americans. DARPA internet tech sat dormant for close to 30 years. Until the GUI + MOSAIC browser were created by white Americans. Silicon Valley was 98% white American males until 2002 or so. But India wants everyone to beleive that “immigrant entrepreneurs” built Silicon Valley.

All fraud.

India has to keep pumping these lies to cover up for its massive fail and destruction of Silicon Valley. These people simply have not performed as promised.

The real Indians operating in Silicon Valley: keeping white people out.

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