Just shows how ignorant the US media is.

Even Chinese agent Diane Feinstein admitted before Congress in 2003 that L-1 visa holders don’t pay any taxes.

The displacement of skilled Americans by cheap foreign labor is the prime reason the US has such a massive budget deficit.

Many of them remit billions out of the US anually while paying zero in taxes.

OPT workers also are exempty from FICA taxes – as are their employers. Millions of OPTs work in the US now.

Kill your highly paid workforce, you also kill your tax base.

Snopes covers for the remittance-hungry job robbers from India + China who are stealing everything not nailed down in America.

In 1998 before the invasion and displacement of US workers, the US had a tax surplus.

Why won’t Snopes mention that?

This article could very well be a fake NASSCOM PR stunt.


Before the invasion, when American workers ran the economy, the US had a

massive tax surplus. Not anymore. Now, thanks to non-taxpaying job robber

immigrant non-immigrants, and their wage suppression, the US tax base

has collapsed.

Collapse your wages, you also collapse your tax base.

Even foreign agent Diane Feinstein testified in 2003 that L-1 visa holders

pay no taxes. Better fact check your facts, there Snopes.

Not only don’t they pay taxes – they keep Americans out of jobs.

India’s NASSCOM regularly hires US PR firms to pump lies into US media.