Virgil lays it out to another Indian job robber on The H-1B Guy’s Title 8 violator channel.

The simple fact is Indians cannot compete with Americans in the workplace.

And most Indians are here to get trained, get dollars, and send our jobs back to India.

“Are you scared of giving us the opportunity to compete alongside of you”?

Well, yes, actually they are. Americans created Silicon Valley long before the parasites arrived. They know they can’t compete with Americans in the workplace. Hence their only recourse is to keep Americans out of the workplace, which is what they are doing.

India has never created anything, and never will. The best it can do is send its silent armies of thieves into America to steal everything it can and move it all back to India.

Come on India, let’s see you compete. Stop keeping Americans out of jobs. Let’s see you compete in the workplace with Americans instead of rigging it with 100% Indians.

As this Indian parasite admits, there is only one way Indians can compete in

the American workplace: deliberately deny jobs to Americans and keep them

out. If Indians had an ounce of integrity they would allow Americans to

compete in the workplace. But they won’t allow that since it means Indians

would be out of jobs. India Inc staffing companies are in violation of US

restraint of trade, monopoly, and other laws.