Desperate? Wait, what?

Weren’t all those H-1B “essential workers” let in on Trump’s EO going to help America recover from COVID and create jobs for Americans?

Why has the Bay Area been turned into a jobless unemployment hellhole after millions of H-1B workers from India moved in and promised to keep America competitive?

Where are all the jobs these people promised to create?

The simple truth is India is deceiving the US: they are here to get trained and move jobs back to India – which is why jobs are disappearing in America and why unemployment is going up.

India’s grand deception on and theft of America continues…….

Why aren’t sooper dooper Hindoo genius COVID Hero essential workers creating jobs as promised?

Hey COVID Hero jackass, why aren’t you creating jobs as promised?

Oh that’s right – now that you have all trashed the Bay Area, you’re busy moving to TX.

COVID Heroes @ H-1B fraud shop Deloitte are too busy dancing to help America recover. Another massive scam from India.

This is America’s future unless it wakes up to the massive job robbery + industrial theft India is pulling.

Where are all the jobs for Americans which H-1B COVID Heroes from India promised to create?

We can assure you – the last thing COVID Hero frauds from India want is to

create jobs for Americans. Or even let them work in America.