The real reason for demonization of Russia by America’s Deep State?

One no one wants to admit: Russia (or Putin to be more exact) threw out commercial banking oligarchs and Russia is no longer under control of the central bankers who run most countries in the world.

The bankers aren’t going to stand for that.

So demonization and an attempt to use US military power to bring Russia down are now in the cards. A great way to get WW3 started over nothing.

The Solarwinds hack was most likely a false flag.

The Warburg bankers who conquered Germany in the 1920’s did exactly the same thing to Germany in WW2 – using US military power to bring Germany to its knees – all because Germans kicked the bankers out (which was the true story of Hitler’s rise to power).

The bankers will not allow anything to exist that they do not control. It’s that simple. And anyone who dares it will be brought down by the bankers who control everything – by any means necessary.