These thieving, looting frauds will use any excuse to get into the US to rob us.

Note how the entire article is not based on helping the US, or doing great work, but on busting into the US and living it up.

America does not need these frauds, they need our jobs.

For Indians, who mostly seek money, prestige, and luxury, H-1B is nothing but a massive free ride into America to loot her. Nothing else.

The program needs to be ended now because it is fake and is killing America.

“While chances to travel overseas will come down there will still be opportunities for techies eyeing the US

Priya (name changed), who grew up in rural Tamil Nadu and was in her early 20s in the late 1990s, recalls her friends discussing marriage to a groom working in the US. It was a craze then, she remembered, as many of her friends dreamt of the high life in the US.

A look at the US Department of State’s H-1B data dating back to the 2000s reveals that Indians were among the largest beneficiaries even then. From 31,684 visas issued in FY1997, it doubled in FY2000 to 61,000. After seeing a brief decline in FY2010 due to the global financial crisis, it again increased in consecutive years.”.