Doctors Without Jobs

There is no shortage. It’s all lies.

India’s/NASSCOM‘s 22-year deluge of fake propaganda on the US continues.

They used US PR firms such as Hill + Knowlton in 1998 to start pumping lies into US media.

There is no law preventing any foreign entity from hiring a US PR firm and lying to the American people.

Just as millions of US IT workers were displaced and replaced by illegal H-1B job robber invaders, now India Inc is going after healthcare in the US by using “doctor shortages” cons via paid PR.

There is no shortage of doctors in America – as with IT workers, there is acutally a surplus.

But India wants Americans poor and it is targeting any industry that has good-paying jobs.

With tens of millions of Americans out of work, and the lying, thieving nature of India Incs, we need new laws banning all foreign use of US media now.

Don’t be fooled by foreign paid PR.

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