Systemic racism in America?

You’re looking at it.

And it’s not white people as the MSM wants you to believe.

It’s Asians.

This is exactly how Asians invaded and took over Silicon Valley: by setting up Asian-only orgs and groups and excluding everyone else.

Why does America tolerate this kind of systemic racism? All racist Chambers of Commerce should be outlawed since they are all violating US Civil Rights Act and EEOC rules.

Looks like there may be some CCP infiltration going on too. Where is the FBI?

“The mission of the Asian Chamber of Commerce is to ensure that Houston’s Asian owned businesses, both small and large, are equipped to take on the challenges of growing beyond these trying times”.

That’s illegal under several federal laws.

You dear Americans, will never be allowed to work again because you will be

kept out of the workforce by Crazy Racist Asians.