Wipro’s founder and criminal H-1B fraud kingpin, Azim Premji.

That’s right. Imagine making billions off being a vegetable oil seller, seeing Americans create the IT boom in the US in the 1990’s, and then doing massive criminal H-1B visa fraud and criminal defmation to jam millions of foreign illegal workers into Silicon Valley from India.

Well, that is exactly what Azim Premji has done in America. Massive criminal visa fraud. Wipro has siphoned billions of dollars out of the US economy + destroyed millions of American lives by illegally displacing American workers with H-1B visa fraud.

In fact, Mr. Premji should be arrested by US authorities the next time he sets foot in America. The visa fraud Wipro is doing is that huge.

Wipro was also one of the prime causes of rthe 2008 Wall St. collapse and the death of Lehman Bros.

Do you enjoy your billion in stolen loot from America, Mr. Premji? We hope so because the millions of Americans whose lives you stole + destroyed sure aren’t enjoying life right now – if they are even still alive.

Americans are dying because of this criminal and his band of merry looters.

Wipro.com is a 100% all-Indian racist Nazi company which only hires Indians. On US soil. In violation of US law and EEOC rules. Where is the DOL? Where is law enforcement?




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