22 years ago the Bay Area was the envy of the world.

Now, 2 decades later after importing millions of foreign workers who promised to keep the US competitive, CA is collapsing so hard, millions of people are fleeing.

Why do we continue to import millions of foreign workers who are not performing as promised?

Too bad the dumb libs in CA don’t even know it is their own open-borders insanity that is causing CA’s demise.

The verdict is in: 2 decades of H-1B has been an absolute disaster for CA.


How are all those highly skilled + talented foreign workers working out now

Hillary? Never ever forget it was the Clintons who gave away American

industry to foreign powers.

Diversity and inclusion make IT stronger

CA appears to differ with you. Diversity is destroying America.

2 thoughts on “Bay Area exodus: moving from denial to alarm”
  1. Indeed these Mumbai IQ10 idiots from the Land that Time Forgot are destroying the western nations as CHINA laughs and calls us the sick man of the planet. Plus CCP infiltrated corporations and US govt. The result is 1984 meets Brave New World meets Hunger Games meets Logan Run on steroids with forced lockdowns, mandatory masks and soon forced vaccines with nano tracking chips. The answer to this is 1776 but western Europeans have lost their courage over stupid guilt and no unity.

    1. Yes, it’s easy to destroy any nation when you let 10 million Crazy Looting Asians in to steal all your industry, defame you, attack your best workers, and drive wages down. It’s all by design. The lockdowns are a test to see if people will accept being conttrolled and monitored in their own homes. Things like Zoom are a test for a future gov’t controlled monitoring system where everyone will be monitored in their homes and told what to do by central gov’t over the internet. The average American is too dumb to even know what is going on.

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