Got news for you Asians. It’s not just the pandemic that did it.

It’s your mass industrial theft + job robbery of America.

Now Asians are racing to write books covering up their crimes on the

American people and to demonize white people. LOOK! OVER THERE! It’s

how Asians roll.

Americans are furious + resentful of Asia’s invasion and occupation of

Silicon Valley and 95% of all STEM jobs in the US for over 20 years.

And rightfully so.

Asians hate white people due to historical reasons – and are removing white

Americans from jobs in their own homeland.

Now the Chinese claim to have “built America”, just like Indians do – when

in fact every modern industry the world now enjoys was created by white


Like Emily Chang’s jealous Brotopia, the new book is nothing but an anti

white PR hit piece. Asians in America are guilty of mass industrial and job

theft and they know it.

No, Asians are not “BEST!” – except of course at deception, racism, and theft.

Yep, just look at all those Asian Americans who built Apple.

Yep. America sure was built off the backs of Asians. Rather, today it is Asia

which has been built off the backs of Americans – thanks to their mass

plunder and industrial theft. Every industry Asia has it got from white


Because when you’re Asian and can’t invent anything, you just take over

what white people built and then hire US PR firms to defame them.

Jealous Asians such as Emily Chang just can’t stand that white American

men created Silicon Valley long before Asian looters arrived.

Apple was built by 100% white Americans – not off the “backs of Asians”.

Jealous much? These people hate us.

Sorry there, Raghu, but Federal data + history prove white Americans built

Silicon Valley. Indians’ didn’t start to arrive in large numbers until around

2003 or so – decades after Americans made it boom. If America was built off

the backs of Asians how do you explain this? These failed loser parasites will

steal and takeover anything just to feel good about themselves. Most Asians

are little more than cunning thieves.

We do now, thief.

Ain’t going to happen. Although all jealous Chinese would love to see it happen.

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Chinese engineer charged with stealing secret material from Apple

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“But he’s not Elon Musk. Instead, Chinese billionaire He Xiaopeng is the target of Musk’s ire, and his company, Xpeng Motors, is at the center of separate trade-secrets lawsuits filed by Tesla and Apple Inc. Tesla accused one of its ex-engineers of stealing confidential autopilot information before bolting to a job at XPeng, where He is chairman”.