We all know real unemployment in the US is still around 27% – Great Depression levels. Around 2008 the DOL just decided to stop counting anyone out of the workforce more than 6 months – which is now tens of millions of people.

Anderson is upset over Trump’s new H-1B restriction which only lasts until March – claiming everything is fine and dandy in America when we know it’s not.

The unemployment rate in the computer industry is not 3%. According to the gov’ts own data 2/3 of all US STEM grads don’t work in STEM – because they’ve been pushed out of the industry by job robbing invaders.

That makes real unemployment among Americans in the computer industry around 70%. What crack is Anderson smoking? The DOL is faking the numbers to hide the fact that Silicon Valley and IT are now 95% foreign occupied. Millions of IT Americans are out of work – some are even going homeless and dying.


This is the reality of unemployment in the IT industry Mr. Anderson:

His Body Was Behind the Wheel for a Week Before It Was Discovered. This Was His Life. – The New York Times

This is what most IT shops in America look like now – zero Americans.

Stop the lies, Mr. Anderson.

We can assure you – Americans today hold very few computer jobs.

Welcome to Silicon Valley where 95% of all IT jobs are held by Indian workers.

Does this look like 3% unemployment for Americans to you? In reality,

unemployment for Americans in the computer industry is 95%. Why

are you such a lying virulent fraud, Mr. Anderson? Are you working for open-borders

globalists, or just for plain ol’ NASSCOM?