Criminal India Incs such as Tata Consultancy Services, right opened in Japan

just a few years ago. The result is the same as it has been on America:

destruction of good jobs, and a middle class. A jealous India and globalists are

waging war on the middle class worldwide.

Doesn’t take long.

As soon and India Inc job robbing countries open in a country and start looting out jobs from locals, the nation’s middle class disappears.

Jealous India’s war on successful people – which began in America 30 years ago is now rolling out big time in Japan.

However, it’s highly unlikely the Japanese people will just roll over like Americans did.

Japan Today is well-known for being a communist front.

“An astonishing fact: 92 percent of Japanese consider themselves middle-class, according to a labor ministry report published in 2019. That seems to clash with another fact: that nearly 40 percent of Japan’s work force is employed on a part-time or temporary basis, earning less and more vulnerable to layoffs than regular company employees. The point seems to be that you are as middle-class as you feel, or as you want to feel.”

Yes, that’s right. You can work a part time job in Japan and still be middle class because:

  • You don’t need a car, insurance, maintenance, etc.
  • You can walk or ride a bike to most places.
    Awesome public transportation which costs next to nothing.
  • Good cheap housing abounds in cities – great apartments are available everywhere for $700 or so.
  • Great affordable healthcare far better than America’s.
  • Japanese companies tend to pay well.
  • Limited insane 3rd world invasions that drive prices up + wages down.

But of course jealous loser nations such as India, and failed globalists want to change all that.