India’s looters sure are in overdrive defaming US tech workers.

That’s always their first reaction whenever they see their massive looting con on America being restricted in any way.

In fact, IQ 82 conman Indians are so dumb, all of America’s homegrown talent is training them.

Now this clown spouts “Complete lack of homegrown talent in the US”?


Then how did Americans build Silicon Valley, and all the major tech firms long before these foreign parasite leech workers got to America?

The simple historical truth is Americans bullt Silicon Valley and nearly every major industry the world now enjoys. India + China couldn’t even get a rocket into orbit until 1997 – after buying the tech from western companies.

These PR lies are nothing but criminal defamation on failed jealous losers from other countries who want to break into Americans and steal jobs from Americans.

It’s rampant anywhere there is tech.

Can anyone name a single major American IT company started and founded by foreign Indian workers?

Nope – because none exist.

These thieving liars will do anything to break into America.

Now they are all in a panic that they are about to lose the jobs they stole from American workers.

Karma is coming for you India.

How many conman Indians do you see in Apple videos from 2013? Zero. Because until Steve died in 2011, Apple was mostly American workers.

Americans built Apple, Indians moved in and looted it, as Federal data shows.

SpaceX Jobs (@SpaceXJobs) | Twitter

“Homegrown talent” builds great companies like SpaceX, Apple, Microsoft,

Google, Amazon – things Indians never, ever do in America. How come India?

Doesn’t look like any lack of homegrown talent to us. How come India never

produces companies such as SpaceX with all that genius talent from India just

waiting to get into America? India is pulling the biggest con in American history.

There is exactly one Indian person in this photo.

America doesn’t lack homegrown talent – it was merely disposed of by foreign

agents + the Indian gov’t.

Americans build all the great companies, then failed Asian losers move in and

take over because that is the only way they can have jobs. India’s grand

takeover + defamation of US workers continues unabated. The truth is, India

desperately needs + wants Americans’ jobs. And it will doing anything

including defamation via PR to get them. Asians are looting America.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – the land built by Americans, and now occupied by

so many failed losers from India, they have to beg the US gov’t for special

programs to keep them all employed.

In fact, most Indians still don’t even know how to use microphones.

Books proving Americans built Silicon Valley:

Believe us, America has no lack of homegrown talent. In fact it was America’s

homegrown talent that built the modern world and everything in it. Where is

the Apple or Microsoft of India? They don’t exist. All of it is job-robbing lies out of India.

Just look at all those white people from India who created the internet.

The 60’s counterculture? Wait, what? We thought Indians built Silicon Valley.

U.S. companies are forcing workers to train their own foreign replacements

Insourcing: American Lose Jobs to H-1B Visa Workers

Disney sued for replacing American workers with foreigners

The only real question left is: why is India such a psycho nutjob country

obsessed with breaking into America and looting every job it can?

Like everything else India does, H-1B is nothing but a mass job-robbing scam on America.