The #1 curry den of H-1B job-robing thieves in the US is NJ.

Now Americans are fleeing by the millions – just like all the other H-1B hotspots such as CA, NY, IL.

The reality is everywhere these people go there is decay, decline, corruption, and racism on the part of invading Indians.

America is being invaded by India.

This is not immigration – it’s invasion, colonization, and takeover.

And our gov’t will do zero to stop it.

Is New Jersey Selling Out American Workers?

‘New Jersey became the No. 1 state to move away from in 2018, according to new data from moving and relocation company United Vans Lines.

The top reason why residents left was for a professional opportunity, the UVL data shows. Of all the residents who moved out, 46 percent listed “job” as the deciding factor.’

Indians invade + drive Americans from their jobs, then they flee the state. Some states will wake up and prosecute the Hindvuta invasion from India, but not NJ, CA, NY, or IL.

Too bad for them. Their states are all failing.

Enjoy it, you communist losers.