Ah another “business consultant”.

And a foreign agent in our gov’ts.

H-1B visa fraud crime shop Wipro is planting its agents all over local US gov’ts now in order to steal more gov’t contract work from Americans.

No doubt consulting, and advising US companies to hire more illegal Indian workers, and ship more jobs offshore.

And another racist Indian-only group.

Now they are targeting local gov’ts for takeover.

How do Y2K visa overstayers suddenly become able to take control of local gov’ts? Does that sound “temporary” to you?

This is racist colonization and takeover.


“LEXINGTON, MA–Vineeta Kumar, a management consultant and business advisor by profession, earlier this month was named president of Lexington, MA-based Indian American Getting Involved Group, known by its acronym as iGiG.

The mission of iGIG is to provide a platform and support system for Indian Americans to help increase their participation in town government and committees, especially in Lexington.

Ms. Kumar was the Global Head of Business Development for the Securities & Capital Markets division of Wipro, where she led key client acquisition initiatives in the Financial Services industry. At Headstrong, she established, scaled and managed the Buyside Capital Markets Unit. She has also focused on her entrepreneurial Fintech venture and advising start-ups on their growth strategy.”.

Ah the Financial Services industry – in other words the Wall St. takeover of jobs in US companies by India Incs. How many Americans know that it was Wipro losers who caused the destruction of Lehman Bros in the 2008 collapse? Management consulting advisors who are fake conmen and who destroy everything they touch.

America is being looted and destroyed by India, and now that most US industry is gone, they are going after gov’t work.

These looters are killing America.

Don’t be fooled by the fake bizspeak.

Lehman snaps deal with Wipro

“Lehman Brothers Holdings has stopped outsourcing internal computer helpdesk work to Wipro Spectramind on the ground that it is not happy with the quality of services offered.
The New York-based financial services firm had last year hired Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro to manage some of its information-technology operations, including handling employee reports of computer problems”.