Immigration lawyer Cyrus Mehta fails to explain exactly why Trump would want to hurt US jobs. We all know the real unemployment rate is not 6.7% but close to 27%.

And in the STEM field only 1 in 3 American STEM grads has a job in STEM.

That means the real STEM unemployment rate among American STEM grads is 66.6%.

The truth is Trump is trying to protect American workers from the onslaught of armies of workers from India, and their greedy RICO immigration lawyers who make huge profits off open borders mass immigration.

We need a full investigation to see if Mehta’s law firm is doing H-1B visa fraud and illegally denying jobs to Americans.

Listen to the little whiny worm tell us millions of immigrants who export our industries benefit America. It’s not a few of them – it’s millions of them. We bring them in, train them, they move millions of our jobs back to India, and displace skilled Americans in the US. We’re talking huge armies of immigrants here, not “a few”:

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Hardly “a few” immigrants. Mostly immigrants.

Or displacing invaders, rather.

RICO immigration lawyers are lying to us and violating Title 8 of Federal law.

In an industry created by Americans.