Wait, what? Why didn’t all the “COVID heroes” we let in on H-1B help the US recover?

We continue to import 1.5 million people a year, yet 33 states did not create any jobs.


So only roughly 1/3 of states created jobs in Nov.

That means as more and more people arrive, the US is losing more and more jobs.


Because far from “Keeping America competitive”, most of those foreign workers are here for remittances, training, and to export our jobs + industries overseas.

That’s the truth.

The US is not creating jobs, and the remaining jobs that exist are being taken by foreign workers.

America is dying – due to foreign worker invasion.

It’s why we’re in debt, it’s why there are homeless camps, it’s why we can’t solve our problems.

Our enemies are conquering us via economics and they are close to winning.