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Jan 3, 2021

H-1B country cap is a must!

12,000 physician applicants for 1,800 positions? Really

The budget is basically organized looting

The cops have been harder on business owners than on business looters

Fauci already lets it slip: They’re sneaking toward FORCING you into taking an experimental biological agent that has *not* been fully tested

Scott Adams on Twitter: “Have you noticed that the folks who believe the election was fair have decided their best strategy is personal attacks on people who want an audit? What’s that tell you?”

Kevin Sorbo on Twitter: “The government does not give us our rights. They either protect or violate them.”

What is happening in the US is also happening in 🇯🇵 There is a force that doesn’t want us to love our own country

People go to Ireland to experience Irish culture and people, the indigenous true Irish. If I wanted to hang out with thuggalicious and crew I’d go to to the nearest ghetto

There are 133 Million registered voters in the USA. In 2020, Trump received 74 Million of their votes

This was a stolen, corrupt, dirty election and it can not stand @realDonaldTrump

Some of the most clear things, are how did someone know where to park a truck bomb to effectively destroy ATT telecom facility

You are such pathetic excuse for a governor. Continue to turn Texas Blue with these corporations that don’t hire Americans!

S386/HR1044 is dead. There will be no reconciled version of Mike Lee’s disaster H1B visa expansion bill. He’ll try again next year but the tidal wave of Indian foreign labor stealing even more jobs from U.S. college grads and American tech workers was defeated for now

Biden Flees Podium without Answering Questions After Delivering Remarks in Delaware

“I simply DON’T care. No big deal with what American families are having to put up with. Incompetent Congress, accomplish so little and still get paid.”

@JoeBiden has warned of a “dark winter” for our nation. But the dark winter we’re facing is not due just to #COVID19, it’s due to the moral decline & the political corruption we see throughout the US

A young military man working in Afghanistan told me that elections in Afghanistan are far more secure and much better run than the USA’s 2020 Election

Jovan Pulitzer says Georgia Called in Trucks to Get Rid of the Evidence in Fulton County He is Supposed to be Scanning!

American kids attend college & accrue massive debt, then biz imports H1-B immigrants who work like slaves to stay here, taking the position those college graduates would have filled. These are sadistic policies that serve both the elite GOP & Dem politicians. They hate us all

Shut up, Willard Romney, you despicable leveraged-buyout dunce. You are a soulless worm who ruined business in this country and countless lives. No one wants to have a country where smug nothings like you have power. Move to Outer Space and take your dumb as bricks niece with you

This is a time for all Americans to demand transparency in and truth from all who serve us in government, whether local, state or federal

We keep dodging bullets being fired by our own government. There needs to be a more permanent solution for this constant betrayal

We would need a brand new party. GOP is too busy trading stocks and dancing with corporate elites

Why not name names of companies who hire H1B’ers and fire Americans with equal or better skills in order to save money? They’re doing this especially to older, higher paid, and highly skilled, experienced employees

I imagine that $10 mil for “Gender Studies” in Pakistan is a bribe going straight to the ISI to keep BM-21s etc from crossing the border

At a meeting in Florida today, everyone was asking why aren’t the Republicans up in arms