USIN-PAC + the Indian Mafia in congress sure has been busy stuffing the Biden admin with Indians.

Slowly + quietly these people have been installing foreign agents into our gov’t.

Back the community’s demand? So a handful of racist Hindvutas from India now in Congress get to dictate all of the US’s policies?

Indian Mafia is busy taking over our gov’t + our country, and few Americans even know what is going on.

Raja Krishnamoorthi has ties to the Nazis of India – the RSS/BJP.

The real systemic racism in America? It’s not white people.

It’s Indians.

“As many as 116 current and incoming members of Congress, including three Indian American lawmakers, are pushing President-elect Joe Biden to name an Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Cabinet Secretary.

“For too long, AAPIs have been overlooked in critical decisions pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and AAPIs continue to be left out of important policy discussions impacting communities of color”.

For too long overlooked? We’ve given them full reign and control over Silicon Valley for 23 years.

But they want it all – the entire country. All of it. Full control.