What technical innovation from Indians is the article referring to?

To all the innovation created by Americans but stolen by Indian NRIs?

Jobs in Silicon Valley + elsewhere but now stolen and occupied by thieving Indians?

Indians have never created even one single major US tech company from scratch.

Not one.

Instead they just wait for Americans to do all the hard work building them – and then move in and take over.

And they’re draining billions out of our economy in remittances – not spending it into the local economy as claimed. That is one of the real reasons for US’s economic decline – that + moving millions of US jobs back to India so they can stay employed.

Liars, as always. What India is pulling today is the biggest con in American history.

We don’t need these parasites, they need us.

These people are such unbeleivable racists they should all be kicked out of America now.

The role of pravasi Indians in forging an Atmanirbhar Bharat

“According to World Bank figures, in 2019, India was also the top receiver of remittances – nearly 12.7% of the global total – and this contributed to nearly 2.9% of India’s GDP.

These remittances came from across the world, mainly from the USA and the UAE. Thousands of households who receive these incomes use it to further stimulate demand in the local economy.

The impact of India’s diaspora is so broad that we can safely say that there is a bit of “Indianness” in everything. From technological innovation to healthcare to public policy, there is no technical field that has escaped the influence of the pravasi.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of Indian immigrants also cannot be overstated. The technology giants such as Google and Microsoft, led by Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella – some of the most prominent figures in Silicon Valley — illustrate the large role that the Indian diaspora play in innovation in the US”

Google and Microsoft were started and built by Americans – 2 decades before Indian thieves moved in + stole them. Another Indian lie. Indians love taking credit for the work of others – since they are unable to create anything of their own. Until 2000 or so nearly every worker @ those 2 companies was American. Even US gov’t data proves Indians stole Silicon Valley from white Americans who built it:

Americans built Silicon Valley, Indians move in, loot, and occupy it.

India has never created anything in America. It’s all a giant con.

“Bilateral ties could be elevated to new levels and strides can be made in the areas of immigration, innovation, and trade. Harish Kolasani, National President, NCAIA (National Council of Asian Indian Associations), echoes the importance of the pravasi in US-India relations.

“The Indian American diaspora community represents a powerful engine for growing and strengthening both economic and social ties between the US and India,” he says”.

Bullshit. India’s looting of US jobs + moving them back to India is killing the US. Silicon Valley collapsed twice with these losers running it. If not for then-white run Apple and the invention of the iPhone, Silicon Valley would still be collapsed.

“Bilateral ties” is codeword for: let us in to loot you.

And they collapsed Wall St. in 2008 when Wipro.com killed Lehman.

These people are here to plunder our economy with promises of innovation and jobs that never materialize.

A once-booming US only has 17 states now that create new jobs.


Because armies of ten million or so thieving Indians have stolen everything not nailed down and moved it back to India.

22 years ago when the US was run by American workers it had a tax surplus, no homelessness, and no problems. That same year India invaded the US by getting the H-1B visa caps raised.

Now the US is a wreck.

32 million people is the size of sixty-four large land armies.

All looting other countries around the world.

What Indians are really doing in America to Americans.

America was booming before these parasites arrived. Now America is a disaster.

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