Will we ever be free of these shrivled up old communist Jews from the 1960’s who hate America and are shoving their white genocide abortion agenda down America’s throat?

She’s been in gov’t since 1987 – 33 years.

One of the biggest reasons corporations + banks push for more mass immigration is because a handful of white-hating Jews in Congress shoved the abortion agenda on America 57 years ago.

And Pelosi is one of them.

These old decrepit losers have to go.

We need some fresh young blood in our gov’t in order to save America.

Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein are at the top of the list for replacement.

They’re too old, too slow, lazy, and too overpaid. And they are communists. These trash make over $175K/year + black money payoffs we never know about. And they are pushing their open borders communism on America.

We need to get this filth out of our gov’t if we are ever going to save our country.

Nancy Pelosi Cashes in Like a Fat Rat

“While businesses nationwide are closed and Americans everywhere are temporarily out of work, some already-rich politicians are getting richer.  It’s a ugly story that stinks of insider trading.

In January, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought over $5.5 million worth of Amazon and Facebook stock. At first glance, that’s not suspicious, in and of itself. Paul Pelosi is a venture capitalist and investor.

But the timing of the purchase, and the subsequent windfall...now those bear closer examination”.

Poll: Majority wants Pelosi out as House speaker