Just as India didn’t create jobs for America as promised – they in fact got trained and stole millions of US jobs which they moved offshore, now it’s happening in Oz too.

Australians, like Americans are being driven into poverty.

By India Inc staffing companies.

Armies of foreign invading Indian workers are destroying the lives of locals rather than creating jobs as promised.

Never forget that Indians hate white people for historial reasons and are now out for revenge.

The more we let in, the more unemployment will rise.


InfoSys fraud shop, which was fined $32 million for H-1B visa fraud talks a

good game and promises to create jobs, but everywhere they go, the opposite

is now happening. Only 17 US states now create new jobs. From 1980-2000

when American workers ran the US economy, 22 million new jobs were

created. India’s staffing companies are lying to us – and stealing our jobs.