India is silently invading America.

The US immigration system is not “broken”.

The only thing “broken” about it is that we don’t round up the millions of Title 8 violator/Y2K visa overstayers who were supposed to leave in 2003 but instead moved in and displaced 5 millilon skilled Americans from their jobs.

Now this Indian invader is telling the US how to run its immigration system.

India thinks it owns the US.

Call your congressperson now and tell them no changes to the immigration system. And tell them we need enforcement.

India is silently invading + taking over the US.

And they want totally open borders and 95% green cards for Indians for the next 10 years.

Note how badly she hates Stephen Miller.

Worthy immigrants our asses – these people are here to steal our industries, get trained, and move our jobs back to India.


How many of these “worthy immigrants” from India have ever built even one major US tech company ever?

Not one.

India wants to shut down Americans’ ability to control their own government’s immigration policy.

Let these looters in, they will kick you out of your own country and take over.

“It is hard to remember, but four short years before Trump assumed office, the national conversation was focused on rolling back the red tape and bureaucratic obstacles that were preventing too many worthy immigrants from coming into the country“.

“So President-elect Joe Biden will have to rebuild it brick-by-brick on a priority basis. But while he is doing so, he should also work with Congress to add layers of support to protect it from assaults by future Stephen Millers“.

“Consider immigrant visas for the overseas family members — spouses, minor children, parents and siblings — of American citizens and permanent residents. Even before the pandemic, Cato Institute’s David Bier calculated that immigration under this category had declined by about 24 percent compared to 2016 because the administration slowed processing and doubled the denial rate.

But Miller was unusually diabolical and motivated and took things to a whole new level. He had a keen understanding of the loopholes in America’s immigration system and knew exactly how to exploit them in the service of an ultra-restrictionist agenda. His actions were effectively a stress test of the system and exposed its weaknesses. Biden should use that information to work with Congress to foolproof it against future Millers”.

India is the most diabolical country on earth. The late US President Richard Nixon one said: “Indians are a slippery, treacherous people”. No wonder the US wouldn’t even allow trade with them until 1998.

Americ’a future: 50,000 racist Indians pack a stadium in Houston demanding

open borders and green cards for 95% Indians for the next 10 years.

There are plenty of jobs in America – if you are a racist Indian national.

To Indians, fundamentals of democracy mean shut up and open your borders.

What Indian invaders are really doing to American job seekers: sabotage.

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