Jews sure are jealous of white Americans they now manipulate.

Jews are busy re-writing American history.

Ah the “untold history”. Untold or made up Ms. Isenberg? Untold by whom? By you? Any other historians over the past 300 years who concur with you? Or just your mere opinion?

How about we write a book about the untold history of what the Jews did to Germany during the 1920’s which caused the Great Depression.

You can bet if white people win and invent anything, parasites Jews will come running just as fast as they can.

It happened to Germany in the 1920’s and now it’s happening to America today.

This woman is a propagandist.

White Americans need to start an anti-defamation league of their own, since that is what nasty jealous America-hating Jews are doing to them.

But that’s to be expected by all lying, thieving communists.

After all, communism was invented by a Jew – Karl Marx.

The Jews’ hatred of white America and American values are out in full view now. It has been this way since the end of WW2, which the Jews lied to us about. The Warburg bankers took over the German financial + industrial system in the 1920’s, looted it, wrecked it, and casued the Great Depression.

Hitler’s rise to power was to deport the Jews, not kille them.

The ovens in the deporation camps were to burn dead bodies due to Typhoid epidemics, not for mass killing.

The Jews all fled to the US, where they set up shop after World War 2, began taking over, which they have done, and now control our media, money system, entertainment, music, and nearly every other industry.

Ask yourself: why is it always Jew authors screaming and yelling about whiteness? It’s because Jews cannot compete with the white race. They can only steal from us. Their plan now is to get rid of and subdue the white race, and replace us with races which do no hold American values. That is how they plan to bring the free enterprise system down and bring in world communism.

And the Jews are mighty upset that all those whtie programmers in Silicon Valley upset their controlled media cart when the internet came along. That is why they are trying to move every tech job they can out of the US.

Karl Marx, the inventor of communism was the son of a Jewish Rabbi.

These people beleive because of the Book of Isaiah that they are the “chosen people, destined to feel off all nations”.

Why does America tolerate such anti-white racism out of Jews?

The real systemic racism in America is the war on white people.

MS. Eisenberg is also author of the screed WHITE TRASH: THE 400 YEAR UNTOLD HISTORY OF CLASS IN AMERICA.

Her disgusting website is nothing but anti-white, anti-democracy, anti-freedom garbage.

She even has caricatures of white people as lazy vagrant “squatters”.

Well, we white “squatters” have been here 500 years and built the modern world.

Can anyone name a single modern invention to come out of Israel or from Jews?

No, no one can, because there aren’t any.

Ms. Eisenberg wants to portray all white people as dumb failed losers, when in fact, white people invented the modern world and everything in it.

Whites build + create the industries, Jews move in and take them over.

It’s also why all our industries are being moved to Communist China.

Even Henry Ford, the great American industrialist who provided jobs for millions was targeted by the criminal thieving Jews.

Other notable Jews who are trying to bring down America include: Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Chinese agent Diane Feinstein, Susan Wojcicki. YouTube by the way, was created by a white guy, but because the internet gets more attention than MSM, the Jews have taken that over too. These people hate America.

It also explains why they are now trying to erase white culture.

Jews are now using mass weaponized immigration to change the face of America and get rid of white people.

This is white genocide.

This is how Jews wreck countries – they have been kicked out of every country in Europe over the past 400 years.

Jews love communism.

The Greatest Story Never Told

White trash? Hardly. White Americans built the modern world and everything

in it – which every other nation on earth is now stealing. Open borders is a

fiction created by the Jewish-run media in America. Jews are using

weaponized immigration to overwhelm the white race. The real trash in

America are the Jewish squatters who take over everything white people

invent. Perhaps it is time for an American Pogrom as well.

How is it possible white trash built Apple? Have Jews ever built anything like

Apple for America? Nope, they never have. Not even once.

More white trash that built Apple – including Steve Jobs, right. Where are the

tech companies built by parasite Jews? They don’t exist, do they?

2 more dangerous Jews in Congress: Chuck Grassley and Diane Feinstein,

who is a Chinese agent. Along with Jew Robert Reich, Feinstein helped flood

the US labor market with millions of cheap foreign workers from

communist countries such as India + China in the late 1990’s –

destroying tens of millions of hard-working Americans who created

the biggest boom in American history. Since Jews also control the Federal

Reserve bank, they’re not about to allow any economic booms which allow

people to pay off their debt.

George Washington: The Making of an Icon | AmericanIconsTemple

All those white trash squatters who built America centuries before Jewish

squatters arrived and took over.

Michelle Goldberg @ NYT – another racist anti-white Jew piece of garbage

who should be arrested immediately for subversion. Note the book on

communist mass murder Ché Guevera on her bookshelf.

Subversive Michelle Goldberg @ NYT wants white people gone.