It’s called Karma.

All Indians are taught from age 2 that they are poor because of white British people.

Every Indian on earth secretly hates white people.

Armies of 10 million Indians are now in the US thanks to the H-1B Silent Invasion Program.

And they are targeting every white America they can for removal from the workforce.

You invade our country + drive us out of our jobs because of our skin color, so now it comes right back to you.

America is not your cookie jar open for your plunder. This is our country.

You cannot escape Karma no matter how much you try.

The real systemic racism in America: the Indian mafia.

Every one of these people have been taught from age 2 that all white people are bad.

The new reality in America: only racist Indians allowed in tech jobs.

100% Indians. And they say Americans are fat.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – where 100% racist Indians have targeted and

removed most white Americans who created it from their jobs.

There are no bigger racists in American than the Indian mafia.

Apple – built by white people, now stolen by Indians + Chinese. No wonder

you are both the 2 most hated races in America today. Everyone hates a thief.

This is what India Inc staffing companies are doing to Americans.

Most Indians at work hate white + black people and only hire other Indians.

They hate anyone with a skin color that is not Indian. And their only goal is

to make sure white + black Americans never work in the US again.

Deloitte only hires Indians. Totally racist.

At Microsoft, it’s 100% Indians-only.

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Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. – The New York Times

H-1B visa program is a scam