Another bullshit-sob-story out of a fake-degreed, remittance-hungry thieving job robber.

America was booming and the envy of the world before you all came here.

We know exactly what we’re missing out on.

They were only supposed to be here for Y2K and then go home.

And with 20 million+ Americans unemployed, they are all illegals according to Title 8, Section 1182, Subsection 5.

Why is lying + cheating ingrained in the Indian DNA? They know nothing else.

Asia’s rampant cheating problem

Racist Indians at staffing companies such as only hire Indians.

Americans know exactly what they are missing out on – their stolen jobs!

No amount of fake degrees by looting, criminal aliens is helping America.

What America is really missing out on: a once-booming, perfect economy with

a tax surplus, and zero homeless. Before the dark times. Before the poojoo.