Yes, much of it is due to COVID job + biz destruction.

But why does the US continue to fly in a million foreign workers a year when millions of Americans are in bread lines?

Clearly there is no shortage of labor in America by any measure. And clearly the real unemployment rate isn’t 6.7% as the gov’t claims.

Clearly all the foreign workers being flown in are now illegal under Title 8, Section 1182, Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5.

So why is the US gov’t ignoring Federal law and still allowing millions of illegal foreign workers to occupy jobs as Americans go hungry?

And why aren’t all the “COVID Heroes” on H-1B helping America recover as promised? Why does the US continue to both remove its own people from jobs and at the same time flying in non-performing foreign workers?

If a gov’t does not represent its own people, is it even a legitimate gov’t any longer?

The answer is simple: no, it is not. As Lincoln said, when a gov’t no longer serves a people it is the right and duty of the people to overthrow it.

Our pols are too busy taking cash from foreign powers to do anything for the American people. It is that simple.

But as Dahboo notes, even the elites are starting to grow uneasy because of the sheer scale of the unemployed. Eventually the elites will realize they cannot alienate the entire public and stil rest easy.

Things are about to change.