Like most of our pols, Kemp is working for the Chinese Communist Government.

How is it, that in America so many traitors can work for communist enemies and still stay out of prison?

A nation can withstand its fools, but not treason from within.

Republican Georgia governor Brian Kemp met with and made deals with the Chinese Communist Party, according to Chinese-language records. Kemp reportedly “warmly welcomed” the Chinese Consul General from Houston in a meeting in which Kemp invited Chinese business investment in Georgia. That Consul General was accused by the Trump administration’s State Department of running an espionage ring, and the United States closed his Consulate in July 2020. Kemp is trying to stop China’s geopolitical foe President Donald Trump from getting a fair count of the votes in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Kemp’s former chief of staff lobbies for Dominion Voting Systems, the disputed election technology company whose machines are used in Georgia“.

Brad Raffensperger Begged For Chinese Votes