Yet just last week they ran a story about the mobs from C. America and Mexico waiting at the border to overrun the US the second Biden takes office.

Apparently they’re not a “mob”, but the legal protestors @ the Capitol demanding election fraud justice are.

We know what India wants: open borders and no US pols who will restrict their silent invasion of America.

Of course Indian Mafia mobsters Pramilla Jayapal and Ro Khanna were quick to blame Trump.

Lawmakers safe after Capitol overrun by Trump-supporting mob

“Khanna tweeted, “Trump was rejected in courts by people his party appointed, rejected by states where his party was in power & now by his party’s Senate leader & VP. Democracy is still sacred for Americans. That spirit will overcome today’s violence. Prayers for the injured.”

No, Trump wasn’t rejected in courts. The courts wouldn’t even hear the evidence of fraud.

The real cause of the protests are all the Indian Mafia operatives in GA rigging the election, recount, and polls.

Unregistered foreign agents such as USIN-PAC were busy rigging the

election – the real source of the protests. Sanjay Puri, left, is an unregistered

foreign agent of the Modi gov’t of India operating illegally in the US.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of America’s #1 stolen industry.

There is only 1 thing Mr. Khanna (2nd from left) wants – and that

is total Indian takeover of America, as this photo shows.