The grand new communism known as International Socialism is now infecting Europe. Problem is, India will find it quite a bit more difficult to wholesale gut Europe’s workforces because many nations in the EU have strict laws on how workers can be laid off.

Not like in America where Title 8 is thrown out the window and ignored and the $320-million/yr EEOC doesn’t enforce anything on racist 100% Indian-only staffing companies.

But the looting invaders will probably find a way around EU regs and invade and takeover anyway.

Expect to see Azim Premji on every major TV network in Europe saying “Europeans do not have the talent”. And then expect companies such as Porsche to move their production to India and the quality go to hell as happened with Boeing and Intel.

India needs a whole new set of suckers to stay afloat since they have largely worn out their welcome in the US.

Beware Europe!

It will be interesting to see how European workers react to India Inc staffing companies invading their countries and displacing them.