Like so many other US tech companies, Verizon was taken over by India.

Why do we allow our top companies to be under the control of foreign nationals?

It is highly likely that the mass layoffs @ Verizon a few years back in which 1000s of American workers were replaced by illegal H-1Bs from India was illegal.

And it mainly happened because like so many other US companies, Verizon was taken over by an Indian national, Guru Gowrappan. This pattern has happened all over, most notably at Boeing: India Inc inserts one of its henchmen in as an exec, then the exec immediately lays all the American workers off he can, and then funnels all the jobs to an offshore India Inc outsourcer. In Boeing’s case that outsourcer was India’s HCL. Never mind that the companies usually collapse, or nearly collapse, as Lehman did, and Boeing nearly did. Or become severely damaged, as Intel has been. Or go out of business as Sun Microsystems did in the late 1990’s after it got invaded by Indian + Chinese H-1B workers.

In Boeing’s case it later canned its Indian-origin conman CIO Vishwajeet Uddanwadiker – not only for fail but also because Boeing was worried the mass H-1B visa fraud Vish pulled off might be discovered.

This is the India Inc mafia racket in action – gutting + looting US jobs so failed losers in India can stay employed. The US gov’t has to step in and stop this now or there won’t be any good jobs left in America for Americans. These conmen are interested in one thing only: moving US jobs created by Americans back to India. They could care less about helping America.

Also no mention that AOL was created and built by American workers long before Indians ever set foot in America.

Folks, it’s time to boycott Verizon into oblivion now.