22 years ago before the Asian foreign worker invasion America had a booming economy that was the envy of the world.

Why haven’t the armies of 5-10 million Asian invaders who promised to keep America competitive preformed as promised?

And why do we continue to import more of them when they are clearly destroying us?

No economy can function without a local workforce that keeps the economy going.

Foreign workers come to the US mainly to get trained and for dollar remittances to send home.

This creates all kinds of problems: lack of consumer spending, lack of savings + capital for banks, lack of capital formation to start new businesses, sky-high unemployment, which burdens gov’t social programs, mass welfare for foreign relatives of foreign workers, soaring debt, loss of tax base, loss of industry, industrial theft, exporting of jobs. You name it.

America is slowly dying from all this. The Fed tries to keep the charade up but with massive deficit spending as its only recourse, it can only keep it up so long.

We’ve got to start protecting our industries from foreign predators, and we’ve got to put our own people back to work. If we don’t, America’s going to die.


Before the foreign worker invasion which began around 1999, the US had a booming economy. Foreign workers failed to perform as promised.