The looters from India are salivating over more H-1B job robbing invasion.

More job robbers, more angry 3rd world losers moving to the US to open staffing companies, and more of them targeting Americans for removal from the workforce.

It’s that simple. Get ready for a new tidal wave of invasion.

Optional Practical Training in 2021: What to expect

“A major appeal of studying in the US for many international students is the opportunity to work after they graduate. The country, however, has been losing its lustre as the Land of Opportunities among international students due to tighter immigration restrictions under the Trump administration.  Trump said he would put American workers first when it comes to boosting wages and creating jobs, while immigrants would be chosen “based on merit.” Trump also issued a broad executive order on June 22, 2020, suspending the issuance of four types of visas, including the coveted working visa H-1B visa — but what about the Optical Practical Training?”

Joe Biden works for foreign powers – such as USIN-PAC, whose unregistered foreign agent President, Sanjay Puri is shown 2nd from left in this photo. USIN-PAC is under the control of the Modi gov’t of India. Since this photo was taken when Biden was out of office, it also means he violated the Logan Act.

Once OPTs enter the US, they form racist groups such as whose

only goal is to make sure Americans never work again. Where is the EEOC?