In other words, PACs on US soil controlled by foreign interests are interfering in + manipulating our elections.

The Indian Mafia is now targeting white-dominant states so all future elections can be manipulated – so no one like Trump can ever win again.

This is election rigging.

We need a full investigation into IMPACT, who controls it, and where its funding comes from.

“In a race that will decide control of the U.S. Senate, Asian American voters are poised to be the tipping point in determining the outcome,” Neil Makhija, Executive Director of IMPACT, said. “AAPI voters – and South Asians in particular – are flexing our newfound political muscle to advance equality and opportunity for all.”

India’s idea of “equality for all” means 100% Indians and no one else. That’s how they stole Silicon Valley and 5 million STEM jobs from Americans: