Using other peoples’ money of course.

Most of these types of deals are scams: Indians move to the US, start “innovation” tech companies, which never create anything, using US VC $ to hire foreign workers whose only real interest in coming to the US is to get trained and to get dollar remittances.

Most of the “startups” our money is used for by these people go offshore and nothing ever gets created.

22 years of “innovation” hype out of these people and we have yet to see even one since Apple or Microsoft created by them.

The vast majority of these startups are frauds – foreign workers occupy them for 5 years or so, remit all their paychecks back to their home countries, and then the companies fold. It’s mostly a big racket.

It also explains why only 17 states in the US now create new jobs.

America is dying because of this.

22 years ago before the India Inc song and dance invasion, the US was booming and jobs were being created by the millions.

Not today.

Does anyone ever hold these people accountable to make sure they are actually innovating and creating jobs and not just stealing our $?

So far, for the past 22 years, they’ve taken billions in remittances out of the US economy, and we have yet to see any major Indian innovation.

The talk all sounds great on paper, but the new jobs and companies never actually materialize.

India gets our $, we get nothing.

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