Translation: India is a failed nation full of losers, and in order to feel good about ourselves, we have to invade + loot Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it.

These people are well-known for pasting their names on source code written by Americans so they can take credit for it.

The only importance of the “partnership” is so India can loot our jobs and move our industries back to India.

For America it’s a total disaster.

America’s most valuable industry is being stolen by the world’s #1 parasite nation – India!

Silicon Valley was created by Americans. We don’t need these parasites, they need our jobs.

The India-US “partnership” is killing the US workforce, as Federal data shows.

What India is really up to in Silicon Valley.

America’s economy became a wreck right about the time India began its

silent invasion – around 1999. It has been a total disaster since.

Americans built Silicon Valley, Indians moved in and took it over.

Sorry India, but invasion + theft does not equal innovation.

India is stealing our industries.