The Indian Mafia – which helped swing the election sure is rejoicing that they installed their agents Biden/Harris into the White House.

Now India will be able to manipulate the US gov’t any way it wants to.

Indeed USIN-PAC – a 100% all-Indian racist organization has already admitted they are busy placing their agents into the Biden admin.

The US gov’t is now under the control of India + China.

“At the heart of the black political renaissance are two women, vice-president elect Kamala Harris and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, who galvanized Black voters and enabled the party to overcome the state’s – and America’s – history of racism, black voter suppression, gerrymandering (manipulation of constituency boundaries), and more recently, interference by foreign entities”.

What the Indian Mafia doesn’t want you to know is that their agents in GA helped rigged the recount election and deny Republican monitors access to the polling places.

No one has oppressed blacks or Indians in America since the Civil war 150 years ago. If you aren’t getting what you want from the economy it means you’re lazy. No one is stopping you but you. Have any blacks started an Apple in their own garage and built it into a multi-billion dollar company? No they haven’t. And no one is stopping them but themselves.

“For Kamala, the country’s first female vice-president elect and that too of Black and Indian heritage, the election of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff — a Black and a Jew, like she and her husband — is sweet revenge for the racist and sexist attacks she endured at the hands of Trump cronies. Ossoff’s victory is yet to be confirmed pending a possible recount, but assuming his lead stands, Kamala Harris will be bossing over the Senate”.

Let’s take racist attacks for a moment. No one will ever talk about the mass racist attacks the India Inc staffing mafia is conducting all across America – targeting white Americans for removal from the workforce – 1000s of large + small India Inc racist hiring agencies that only hire Indians.

Silicon Valley itself – built by white Americanshas already been stolen by armies of these racist thieves. They systematically tear through US companies replacing every white American they can.

If you want to see systemic racism in America, the Indian Mafia of which Harris is a part is #1.

Biden meets (illegally) with foreign operatives of USIN-PAC – a foreign PAC under the control of Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi.

India now controls most US politicians such as Mike Lee from UT.

Activists work to mobilize metro Atlanta’s Asian American voters

Asian American Voters Break Runoff Voting Records and Cast Ballots for a New Georgia

A New Political Force Emerges in Georgia: Asian-American Voters – The New York Times

Want to see some real systemic racism? Look no further than:

Indian American Impact Fund

“The Brown Book” 2.0

Anticipating a potential surge in post-election hiring by Congressional offices and federal government, IMPACT is preparing an updated “BROWN BOOK” containing resumes of talented South Asian American candidates for full-time staff positions in government. All interested candidates will have their resumes included. In addition, individuals with extensive government and political experience will help review, sort, and index resumes by job and expertise, and offer candidates feedback on the process. In 2018, IMPACT received over 235 resumes from Desi politicos which were reviewed and referred to congressional offices and committees seeking top diverse talent. Are you a Desi politico, policy nerd, organizer, or simply someone who wants to use your talents to give back? Add yourself to The Brown Book and spread the word!”.

Well, that is discrimination in hiring and is illegal under 3 Federal laws.

How come Indians are allowed to violate US law with impunity?

Desis vote? Talk about racism. Indians are the most racist people on the planet.

Many of IMPACT’s members are associated with the dangerous Nazi RSS/BJP in India and are now operating on US soil.

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  1. Hopefully China will nuke INDIA and let Pakistan clean up the mess. If we had China and India wipe each other off the face of the earth, it would be a good thing in the long run for most people in America. I don’t want to see people die but what exactly have the Chinese and Indian Hindus done for planet earth other than to lie, cheat, steal, pollute and cause hell?

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