Well they got Trump out of the way they wanted – and now they’re all set for more mass invasion of America via education and business.

Doesn’t take these looters long.

This is how the scam works – come to the US to study, push American kids out of seats in schools, then after graduation get an OPT visa, and rob jobs from Americans. Some of them also start their own racist India Inc staffing companies – and displace skilled American workers on a huge scale.

That photo pretty much says it all – Indians are 100% Nazi racists who only hire other Indians.

Get ready for more mass invasion, America!


4,000 American workers @ Verizon were driven from their jobs by armies of

H-1B Indian looters. This is your future America if you don’t do something.

Verizon was taken over by an India Inc CEO who made the decision to can

the American workers and bring in 4,000 illegal H-1Bs.

How did that India Inc CEO get into America? It most likely began on a student visa somewhere.