Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and Philippine workers are looting the west dry via remittances.

The startup racket for India Inc is the biggest remittance racket in America.

Get some US VC $ with a nice tech song + dance, open shop, flood in H-1B workers, remit billions out of the US, convert the dollars into 3rd world currencies and become rich, close shop in 5 years, and no one is the wiser. Nothing ever gets produced or innovated, and our enemies walk off with our cash.

Billions of it.

The 3rd world is playing the US like a fiddle.

All those billions sucked out of the US would have gone to start real new US businesses, or hire local American workers, which would improve the US economy.

When foreign workers get hired, the billions goes right out of the country, making the US poorer, and requiring the Federal Reserve to print billions more in fake paper money.

No wonder the US economy is constantly in trouble.

As Indian programmers in Silicon Valley are used to saying “Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees!“.