Madness Links II

Jan 10, 2021

Since we have such a massive backlog of stuff we needed 2 pages today.


Biden’s nominees will face a China gauntlet

High-Level Biden Staffers Consulted For CCP-Linked Drone Firm Banned By US Govt

Wuhan Relishes Role as China’s Party Town: Tells West to ‘Get Used to It’116

We Australians face China’s bullying insults with honor

Xi Jinping Celebrates China’s Pandemic Economic Boom

Xi Jinping is making concessions and deals to make China indispensable and box out Biden

Ossoff Slammed for Working for Chinese ’Propaganda Company’

Putin Pushes Plan To Roll Out COVID “Immunity Passports” In Russia

Russia deepens China ties with expanded energy exports

Trump Declassifies Intelligence Report On Chinese Bounties In Afghanistan

US National Security STILL Believes Coronavirus LEAKED From Chinese Lab

RINOs Liz Cheney, Paul Ryan Attack Republicans

With Sonic Weapon Attack, China Demonstrates Experimental Program

Global Times Editor: ‘Americans Keep Challenging Me on the Internet’

China Seeks Military Base On The Moon In Next Decade: Report

China to start building first space station, launch 40 rockets in 2021

Chinese Submarine Drone Discovered Near Gateway To Indian Ocean

Chinese bids on Pacific cable raise alarm in US and Australia

Chinese-Made Weapons in Hands of Taliban

C919: what is China’s home-grown alternative to Airbus, Boeing duopoly, and why is it important?

Former Head of China’s Largest Financial Asset Management Company Sentenced to Death

Global Times Editor: ‘Americans Keep Challenging Me on the Internet’

China portrays repression of Uighur birthrates as victory for feminism

Digital yuan to be widely available before 2022 Winter Olympics

How China Surpassed Hollywood and Ruled the Post-Pandemic Box Office

In Bizarre Flipflop, NYSE Ignores Trump Executive Order, Refuses To Delist China Telcos

NYSE reverses course on delisting Chinese telecom stocks

‘Waste of money’ statue of Chinese general to be moved at cost of US$23.8 mil

A Pinduoduo tech worker’s death has unleashed anger in China — Quartz

Asia delights and despairs in Trump’s Capitol siege

A message from Beijing: beware Chinese anger

Beijing Pushes Back Against Trump Administration Efforts To Halt Slave Labor In Xinjiang

China Scrubs Critical Wuhan Lab Data; Deletes 300 Studies – Including Research By ‘Batwoman’

Mass arrests signal last gasp for HK democracy

N. Korea’s Kim calls U.S. “biggest enemy” before Biden’s inauguration

Kim mea culpa signals economic rethink for North Korea

Post-Brexit, Farage Shifts Focus to CHina

PRC propaganda unrelenting: report – Taipei Times

Why Chinese youngsters are embracing a philosophy of “slacking-off”

UK Paid £150m to Chinese Concentration Camp Connected Companies for Covid PPE

Video Allegedly Shows CCP Sealing People In Homes Amid Virus Outbreak

As Nepal faces political turmoil, China and India are scrambling

Feds Seize Batch of Fake Steelers Super Bowl Rings Sent from China153

Mainland legal system needs to improve, but Western critics aren’t helping

New rules lift property management company stocks in China

Pro-establishment figure calls for curbs on Hongkongers obtaining dual citizenship Pro-establishment figure calls for curbs on Hongkongers obtaining dual citizenship

Seized underwater drones expose China’s tech, submarine plans

THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF DISAPPEARANCE Jack Ma’s absence is stirring uneasy memories of a series of disappeared Chinese tycoons

Time for Hongkongers to decide who they really are

10 Hong Kong activists jailed in China after attempt to flee

China and EU reach broad investment agreement

China online tutor Xueba100 apparently collapses, operations halt