So merely demanding election fairness and prosecution of election tampering is now “white priviledge”.

What isn’t white priviledge to these communists?

Communists will use any label, hurl any slur to try to guilt good, productive people into surrendering what is rightlyfully theirs – what they worked to build.

Once again, we have to point out that it’s not white peoples’ fault that everyone else is lazy and stupid.

If people like Stacey Abrams lost some weight, they might be able to compete in the workforce too instead of just complaining.

America became the laughingstock of the world 20 years ago when we cowed to China + India’s demands for open borders and free trade which plundered our economy.

No one respects a coward.

We’re just seeing the terminal end stage of the disease now.

It started several decades ago, thanks to the Clintons.

Americans are not demanding anything back except what was stolen from them.

We can assure you Stacey Abrams did not work overtime to help create the internet. It’s not “privilege” if you worked to earn it. Stop bitching and moaning and work.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – where brown privilege rules – especially considering they didn’t work 80 hours a week to build it. “White privilege” is simply an excuse for others to steal and to guilt their victims into acquiescence.

Takeover does not equal innovation. Where were all the brown people when white Americans were working 80 hours a week to build Silicon Valley?

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