Too many articles to cover today so we’ll just summarize the important ones with a quick comment.

South Asian Republican Coalition

Brown Book 2.0 collects 350 resumes for Biden-Harris team

Racist much? Anyone who does not think the Indian invasion of our country is a deliberate, coordinated takeover is delusional.

Critics: Joe Biden Is Restarting ‘Hunger Games’ Migration Policy

Yep. Elites hate American workers – they want to keep you scared and scrambling – thinking that is somehow good for the economy because it somehow may make people work harder. People are already working at their max – some working 2 or 3 jobs to survive. Which is just how the elites want it – scared workers who can be threatened and kept down and flooded with unlimited competition from low-wage countries. Well, we can tell you no one can create anything under those conditions – which means in the long run all it will do is harm the economy more. Scared workers do not make good workers, no matter how much the elites think so.

Biden-Harris team inducts four more Indian Americans

Yep. USIN-PAC has been real busy placing foreign agents into America’s new gov’t.

List of Indian Americans in the incoming Biden administration

From Japan to the US, young people give up on finding jobs

Oh yeah – those millions of industrial thieves foreign guest workers sure have kept America competitive and sure have created lots of jobs for Americans. We are being ROBBED America. Wake up.

Coons Calls for ‘Accountability’ for Trump Actions Coons Calls for ‘Accountability’ for Trump Actions

We need to hold Coons accountable. We need to know just how much cash he’s taking from India and other countries

Trump was not the biggest threat to world

Twitter Allows ‘Hang Mike Pence’ To Trend After Banning Trump For “Inciting Violence”

“This Was A Coordinated Attack”: Parler CEO Speaks Out After Amazon Boots From AWS, Vows To Rebuild ‘From Scratch’

Well shouldn’t tie yourself to a cloud run by a megalomaniac co-opted open-borders globalist. But don’t worry – there’s no liberal communist conspiracy.

the folks in charge of censoring are not jack but two indians vijaya gadde legal counsel of twitter and its cto parag agarwal they may have us passports but their heart lies in india we have ceded our country to indians for all practical purposes

H-1B Visa Displaced American Workers, New Report Finds

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

In statement, Board urges Biden administration to advance safer, equitable immigration policy

Is targeting Americans for removal from the job workforce and a 71% foreign-worker occupied Silicon Valley equitable? Foreign workers and immigrants already dominate 98% of all tech jobs in America. It’s American workers who need fairness.

More Immigrants Under President Biden

Tom Donahue and the Cheap Labor Chamber of Commerce should be very pleased.

Meet Vanita Gupta, Biden’s pick for associate attorney general

Foreign lobby USIN-PAC continues to place foreign agents into the US gov’t so that the gov’t of India will remote-control the US.

Chinese Communist Party Says Biden A “New Window Of Hope”

A window for more open borders robbery and theft of US industries by the world’s #1 thief nation, that’s what they really mean.

Biden considered Bernie Sanders for secretary of labor

Another commie may be picked – just as Clinton installed communist open borders leech Robert Reich who flooded the US with millions of cheap foreign workers driving down wages and destroying the American economy in the early 2000’s. There was no “dot-com” bubble – there were only failed jealous loser communists like Reich in office who deliberately killed it so his banking buddies could profit by keeping Americans poor. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business, you know. Funny how China never has a “business cycle” like USA always does.

Biden Fundraiser Floated as Ambassador Pick Took Millions in PPP Loans While His Law Firm Won Settlements

India must policy-push itself away from a protectionist mindset and compete globally

Protectionist? Wait, what? We thought everyone was globalizing? You mean Asia isn’t and it’s all a big scam to loot the west via open borders but everyone else gets to protect their countries? That’s racist, India.

Why Indians shouldn’t gloat over US disarray

Disarray they caused by disrupting the economy for 22 years, flooding the US labor market with cheap foreign labor, driving Americans from jobs, ending immigration enforcement of US worker protection laws such as Title 8. If the nation had not been flooded with corrupt parasites from India, corruption would not have come to America and we would still have a functioning gov’t. We don’t anymore. India + China caused this mess by buying off our politicians, corrupting our economy, and driving American workers out of jobs. 22 years ago America was the envy of the world. Why didn’t the millions of foreign workers keep America competitive as promised?

If India is our ally why would they goat over unrest in America?

Indians gloat anyway:

America will be on crutches for a while

India loves to hurt America and loves to see America hurt.

Our supposed “ally” is rejoicing at the chaos in DC. What India + China fail to realize (yet) is the chaos is just a symptom of a much bigger movement growing to demand accountability and law enforcement from gov’t. Open borders are not in US law – quite the opposite in fact. Americans demand laws be enforced, which they’re not. And the riots are just a symptom of a much bigger rejection of open borders that is coming.

Kamala Harris will be vice president. Expect Indian Americans to get more involved in politics

In other words, we put our unregistered foreign agent in, now not-so-temporary guest worker frauds from India are going to take over our gov’t and change our laws so we have open borders. Get ready to be flooded, America:

First Indian-American in history to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

US Economy Lost 140,000 Jobs in Dec

Those H-1B COVID heroes who promised to help US recover from COVID aren’t performing as promised. Why do we continue to import them when millions of American workers are out of jobs? End the H-1B program now. It’s a total fraud.

India-US Startup Partnership holds first mentoring event

In other words, allow even more thieving job robbers in from India, train them in America, then let them drive American workers from their jobs. If Indians are the Smartest People In The World™ then why do they need “mentoring”? This even has nothing to do with “mentoring” – it has to do with industrial theft and shipping more US jobs offshore.

Ken Calvert introduces H.R.78, Legal Workforce Act

Brian Babin (TX-36) Introduces H.R.140, Birthright Citizenship Act

Good. It is an outrage that anyone from any country can just walk into America, pop out a kid, and boom – instant citizen. It’s also outrageous that many such people come from brainwashed socialist countries who hate America and teach their kids everyone else is poor because of whitey. Should we really ever allow any such person to hold office in the US?

H-1B Only?

A new site to report H-1B-only job ads.

Public Data Shows 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania

But don’t worry – according to John Roberts there’s no credible evidence of election fraud.

Joe Biden’s DHS Nominee Raked in Millions from Big Tech, Wall Street

Biden Says He’ll Introduce Immigration Bill ‘Immediately’

We bet you willbecause all your Wall St. cronies want more and more and more cheap illegal foreign labor no matter what.

Indian-American Trump supporters: Between dismay & disgust

Well, you looters caused this nation to disintegrate by flooding in here, disrupting the economy, and driving millions of workers out of jobs. We have labor laws in this country which are being ignored and the H-1B job robber invasion enables it. That is the cause for the riots in DC now.

Pritkumar Patel of New Jersey sentenced for cyberstalking, receiving child pornography

A highly skilled + talented immigrant America couldn’t do without.

100’s of Indian Americans Robbed of Millions in CA dev’s ‘Ponzi Scheme’

TN Claims #1 Spot for First Time on Yearly Migration Trends

Rush Limbaugh deactivates his Twitter

Big Business Lobby Condemns U.S. Capitol Protests as ‘Unconscionable’

Of course they do – they want their open borders under the table cheap wage-fixed labor. And they’re going to oppose anyone who stops them from getting it.

US Labor Market sours

ACCI demands Australia open border to migrants

Illegal Alien Rakes in Nearly $4 Mil by Scamming Other Immigrants

Intel May Outsource Production Of Some Top Chips To Samsung, TSMC

That’s what happens when you let an Indian fraud head engineer move in and coast for 7 years while doing nothing. All the American engineers who made Intel great were canned – and the jobs offshored to India. Now Intel no longer knows how to make chips. Really keeping America competitive, aren’t they?

Boeing Charged with 737 Max Fraud Conspiracy

Well, when you get involved with Indian mobsters, from a corrupt nation like India, what did you expect to have happen? Good things?

Boeing agrees to pay $2.5 bil over crashes of badly designed 737

Bharat Biotech says trial participant in Bhopal dies of poisoning

Highly skilled + talented.

It’s on all of us to stop this, right now, before it’s too late

If you want to stop the revolt, then stop the gov’t/corporate corruption, since that is its cause.

Companies communicate their values after Capitol insurrection

In other words, shut up, let us continue to rig the system, and rip the American people off. Not to mention allow us to continue violating the law….

Wolff Responds: DC Rage: More Coming Unless Basic Economic Changes Made

The elites and foreign powers are stealing the economy and driving Americans to hopelessness an sucide. And most Americans now know why – and who is really doing the robbing.

Capitol security response reveals racial double standard

What if those who stormed the Capitol had been Black?

Google bans 2 Bannon YouTube channels after Giuliani claims stolen election

Sacha Baron Cohen: Twitter, Facebook Banning Trump Is ‘Most Important Moment in the History of Social Media’

How free trade has disproportionately hurt Black and Latino workers

Haley Likens Trump Twitter Suspension to Act of Communism

Jews invented communism and love censorship. Karl Marx was the son of a Jewish Rabbi.

Sorry, Kamala—the Libs Have a New Queen Now

Poll: Only Quarter Of Republicans Accept 2020 Election Results : NPR

CEOs may cut off Republicans who backed Trump election challenge

So much for the internet as a forum of open and free exchange of information. The internet is now a total propaganda device in the hands of those who control it – just as radio, tv, movies before it. This really amounts to election tampering, doesn’t it? Why should any CEO or any corporation have any say in gov’t? Corporations don’t have voting rights.

Big Tech has the power to utterly erase you from modern existence. Your whole life is tied up in things they control. The idea that they should be able to exercise this power with no legal restraint is madness and the “conservatives” who advanced that idea are fools and stooges.”

Well that is the future model: not just censorship but all out total control of your life: comply or you will be disconnected and turned off. They already have this model in China and soon it is coming to America.

Japan PM vows to protect jobs amid emergency

Imagine protecting the jobs of your own citizens. What a concept.

Parler faces app store ban

Little-Known DOJ Holdover Thrust into Center of Capitol Drama

Eric Swalwell should be kicked off intel committee

Ya think? Why didn’t the gov’t do that as soon as the ChiCom spy scandal was revealed? Oh that’s right – most of DC is working for them now.

I don’t know what Amazon wants: Kishore Biyani on Future deal

New Guidance Illustrates That Ordinary Activities May Have FARA Implications

Giuliani says time for ‘harmony’ is over

Bangladeshi National Sentenced for Conspiracy to Bring Aliens to the United States

Hong Kong protesters jailed for airport assault on mainland reporter