Looks like all those COVID Heroes let in on H-1B didn’t perform as promised.

Why do we continue to import them?

22 years of mass guest worker invasion has failed to create jobs for Americans, and failed to keep America competitive as promised.

If you do have a job, the best you can do now on average is around $3,800/mo, which means in high tax states you will be lucky to get to keep $2,000/mo – in many areas not enough to live on, and in others just barely enough to scrape by.

Globalization has been a total disaster for American workers.

And with 18 million Americans out of work, we continue to import more foreign workers.

Americans cannot find jobs because they are being displaced by foreign workers. It’s that simple.


“For a nonsupervisory worker, which refers to workers who do not hold management positions, the average weekly earnings in December were $954.86, 16% more than the corresponding worker’s income in the service sector, which was $823.02 per week.

As of December, the BLS says there are roughly 10.7 million people unemployed. Some 7.3 million told BLS that they want a job, even though they are not in the labor force –, totaling 18 million Americans who would like jobs today but cannot find them”.