India now controls the US H-1B program as if it is India’s.

India now dictates how the H-1B program is run and who gets H-1B visas.

The Indian gov’t now controls Silicon Valley and most immigration in the US.

Just whose gov’t is this?

USCIS‘s new change in the H-1B lottery means foreign workers will now be approved based on if they’re not undercutting American wages or not.

The India Inc Title 8 violator staffing company rackets sure don’t like that.

It means they won’t be able to flood the US with more illegal cheap labor, whch is their business model.

“New Delhi: India is currently engaged with the US government to minimise inconvenience to Indian nationals in the US, said the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) after the White House had issued a proclamation extending restrictions on the entry of immigrants and non-immigrants, including H-1B visas”.

Inconvenience to Indian nationals? What about inconvenience to American workers who are displaced and thrown out of their jobs in their own country?

Shouldn’t US citizens be put first before temporary guest workers?

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