A foreign agent from India, whose office does H-1B visa fraud on a regular basis now wants to erase all traces of Trump and his supporters.

Looks like Mr. Mehta is suffering from a bad case of Hindu Supremacy himself. And open borders madness. What a Nazi.

Well the Indian Mafia has been resorting to lies and defamation for over 20 years on American tech workers in America.

Why is the Indian mafia allowed to lie but Trump supporters aren’t? First of all they’re not lying – the election was stolen, India Incs + immigration lawyers are doing H-1B visa fraud, and second, people have a right to free speech and their own beliefs in America.

Has lawyer Mehta ever heard of the 1st Amendment? Or is he involved in a conspiracy to silence certain Americans he doesn’t agree with.

Any foreign lawyer who attempts to subvert the 1st Amendment should be deported instantly.