That’s illegal under Title 8 Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, as long as Americans are unemployed. And right now 18 million Americans are unemployed.

“First thing I learned via channels on the internet was the body shops which hire any H1B via illegal means. There is so much illegal activity I could write an essay but for the sake of time I am just going to touch the surface with knowing friends who get jobs via this channel.  Those on H1Bs who deny such things exist can live in denial. The funniest part is your neighbor probably got job this route, and you will know based his or lack of experience”.

2 thoughts on “‘I never knew finding another job would be so hard that I have nearly given up because an H-1B will be chosen against me’”
  1. This happened to me when a big tech company laid me off and sent 5k jobs to the Land That Time Forgot. It took me almost 2 years to find another IT job at HALF the pay. At least I will hopefully have job security and a pension at retirement as it is govt union job. People are blind let election be STOLEN by communists and CCP funded big tech and deep state creatures.

    1. Yep. India + China are stealing millions of our jobs and moving them to Asia. Thieves. The H-1B program is nothing but a training program to bring them here so they can get trained how to do the jobs. Then the jobs are stolen. Never before in US history has an entire industry been stolen + occupied on US soil. Most good jobs have left America – except for politics of course because pols pay themselves $200K+/yr + backroom deals. They are all taking $ from foreign powers. India + China now control our gov’t and companies. Twitter/Facebook are doing what they are doing because Modi now controls them.

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