Which, of course, Trump never did.

This screed is just more of an attempt to demonize any patriots who dare defend their country from foreign invasion such as India is currently doing.

These looters will make up any lies to get what they want – even making outlandish claims.

To these parasite, the only “America” that is fair is one with open borders, zero immigration laws, full access to all American jobs + industry, and the right to displace American workers in their own country.

Anything less is some demonic psychopath admin.

Patriotism and national defense from foreign invasion is normal and healthy. So is demanding fair elections which aren’t rigged by foreign powers.

Anyone who dares defend their country or protest is branded “shameful” by invaders who are trying to take over America.

“That was the day the President of the United States, who decisively lost his bid for re-election, orchestrated an insurrection by encouraging his supporters to attack the Capitol building, where a joint session of Congress was meeting to certify the victory of his successor”.