The Clintons – biggest traitors in American history. Even

bigger than the Rosenbergs who were executed in the 1950’s.

How many of you millenials who are out of work now know that it was the Clintons who gave away America’s booming industries in the 1990’s while in office?

They also allowed the sale of US ICBM rocket secrets to the Communist Chinese and India.

House Rebukes Clinton on China Satellite Export

In the late 1990’s Chinese generals referred to Bill Clinton as “Our man in Washington”.

These people are agent of China, and traitors.

As such, they should have been arrested and put to death years ago.

The punishment for treason under the US Constitution is death.

Subversion of sitting president is also illegal under Federal law.

Arrest the Clintons now.

“She referred to the violent events in Washington on Wednesday, when Trump supporters breached the Capitol, describing it as “the tragically predictable result of white-supremacist grievances fueled by President Trump”.

No, American worker grievances fueled by your giving America away to our communist enemies. YOU are the problem, Clinton. No one else, YOU and your rapist husband.

Hillary Clinton: GOP, Conservative Media Can ‘Begin the Healing’ by Stating Biden Was ‘Duly Elected President’

The election was stolen. Plain and simple. You Democrats rigged the vote like you always do. Remember all that cash your husband and Al Gore took from that Chinese temple funneled from the CCP in the 1996 re-election campaign? America can begin healing by you and your husband admitting you are traitors. You two caused this whole great big mess America is in today. Before you two got ahold of America it was the booming envy of the world.

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