No doubt RICO Immigration Voice and IT Serve Alliance India Inc mafia organizations will sue the USCIS and get the new rule overturned once foreign agents Harris/Biden are in office. These people always get what they want, and with Trump out of office, it will get even worse.

After all, with 1000s of India Inc mafia criminals running loose in America and denying jobs to Americans, why should the US Gov’t be allowed to make a rule demanding to show that the looters actually have a client instead of just filing fake H-1Bs to invade America some more.

America is being silently invaded by organized India Inc criminal immigration fraud rackets. And they are playing for keeps.

The Indian Mafia wins.


Our old pal and immigration lawyer Greg Siskind chimed in too. After all – he stands to lose his immigration biz if immigrations is restricted. These scumbag lawyers are accomplices in this mass H-1B immigration fraud which violates section 1182 of Title as long as 18 million Americans are out of work.

IT Serve Alliance is a racist, 100% Indian RICO organization violating Title 8 and denying jobs to skilled Americans. US gov’t + EEOC do nothing.

No Greg, they’re not trying to sneak anything past anyone – they’re just making sure the “highly skilled and talented” H-1B workers actually have a job and a client before they are let into the country to run amok and target Americans for removal from the workforce. The new H-1B rule is merely designed to prevent fraud and make sure there is real work. You’re not in favor of H-1B visa fraud at law offices, are you Greg?